Friday, October 24, 2014

My Transformation: 21 Day Fix to Wedding!!

 In June of 2014, I was desperate. I was desperate to feel like I was beautiful for my wedding day (August 8, 2014). I had a deep fear that I would hate all of my pictures from this very important day if I didn't get fit. I worked out and worked out and ate well but I still plateaued. It had been 5 years since I had began my weight loss journey. I had lost 40 pounds and beat cancer after several rounds of chemo therapy. But now I had a new goal I knew it was crunch time. Having been in remission for 2 years, I was still always low on energy, feeling down on myself,  and sick as usual (I was always a sickly person and even before the cancer). I continuously saw posts for the 21 Day Fix  from friends on Facebook and even though I was poor, and had to pay for a wedding AND make a move across the country right after, I invested. I invested in my health, happiness and well-being. It was a small price to pay.

I had the same reaction I think most people do when they received their package; "UMMMM??? Why are the containers so SMALL??? I'm going to starve!!" Well I didn't. In fact, it was the opposite. But I did listen to my body and learn when to eat more if I was actually hungry.

Since I spent the money, I threw myself completely into it. I drank my Shakeo. I posted in my challenge group 5 or 6 times a day. I watched others transform before my eyes. I followed the super simple portion control, and I brought my containers everywhere. I didn't care if I looked silly. I had a goal and I was GOING TO REACH IT DAMNIT!!

The workouts were awesome. I did my 30 minutes every morning before work. I pushed and pushed and got up early and got it done.

Then, about 9 days in..something amazing happened. I woke up one morning and did my workout and planned my meals as usual and went to work. But something was different. It was like an ugly, musty and heavy cloak was lifted off my body after years of weighing me down. I. FELT. GOOD. What??? I had energy. I sprang off to work at my serving job and was in a great mood. I didn't feel dizzy or nauseous (a common feeling for me daily throughout my life). I just felt good. I didn't even understand this feeling. I raced home and decided to go for a run. I still had energy! I was floored. I had no idea that one could feel that good. I just thought that feeling was normal. 

That is when I began to believe.

After 21 days I rushed to the scale and to my camera to take my after pictures:

I was down 9 pounds!!!! What??? I was more than pleased with my after pic and results. But I was beginning to realize that it was more than just the weight and inches lost. 

I had JUST enough time to get another round in before my wedding. It was tricky, because I had everything my husband and I owned in my car (as we sold everything when we decided to move) so I could move out of Kansas City, go sing a gig in Illinois, and then drive from Illinois to Florida to visit family in 3 different parts of the state and THEN go to our wedding. We had everything we owned with us because we were moving to Delaware RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING. It was so crazy.

But I stuck to the plan. I prepped and planned and packed my food in a cooler for all the road trips. I researched what recipes I could bring on the road and I brought my blender for my shakes, and my DVD player so I could do my workouts. I worked out in all kinds of spaces. Small, large, some closet like, some hot and unbearable and some with a great view. I added PiYo into my routine and felt even better. I did it. I traveled from KC to Illinois, sang my gig, drove to Florida and made 3 stops in a weeks time, and then drove to Sarasota to begin wedding festivities.  I even did PiYo with the Best Man and one of my Bridesmaids in my tiny hotel room (no doubt angering the people below us) and went for a mild run the day of my wedding. I did whatever it took.

Two days before the wedding, I had completed round 2 of the 21 Day Fix. Here are my results:
I had done it. I had gotten in the best shape of my life. After nearly 6 years of trying to find my way and to find what works for ME, I had reached my goal.
But my reward went way beyond losing weight and a tear drops down my cheek as I write this because I am so grateful. I was able to fully enjoy and be present for our wedding because I felt so good. I had the stamina, the energy, and the mental clarity to GO GO GO for the events all week long, and for the ridiculous drive across the country. I just know that I would have been feeling sick, or super tired and groggy without this program. I felt amazing. My friends saw the difference. My family saw the difference. My husband saw the difference (and he was pleased :))

I danced every single dance at our wedding. I felt beautiful and confident and therefore, could focus my energy on pouring love into my new husband and into all our guests that made sacrifices to be with us that week. 

 I just received my wedding pictures from our amazing photographer. Maybe it was old fears rushing back, but I was scared to look at them. I was still fearful that I would hate the way I looked and wouldn't ever want to look back on the memories of such an amazing day. 

I am thrilled to report that I accomplished my goal. I was pleased with the pictures and will proudly display them in my home without feeling self conscious. I did something about my fear and made it go away.

This program and Beachbody have changed my life. I have half the people at our wedding doing this program because they saw the physical AND emotional difference in me. I signed as a Beachbody Coach, and the people at my wedding were the participants my very first challenge group. 

When they started having results,
that's when it hit me and I really and truly believed

I believed I could help others start their journey. 
I believed that I had been through enough in the past 5 or 6 years to get anyone started.
 I believed in Beachbody, their products, their community and their business opportunity.
And lastly, I believed in myself.

                                            2009 at 175 pounds   VS      2014 at 125 pounds

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