Fit Opera Singer Academy

  Calling all opera singers, MT singers, performers, actors etc!! I am launching the VERY first health and wellness academy specifically for US! Lacking energy? Lacking motivation? Feeling rejected, down on yourself, or maybe you feel like giving up? This is a HARD industry that takes its toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. It is time that we come together and HELP each other to become the BEST singers we can be...and we need some help sometimes. Fill out this application to join an online community beginning February 1, that will transform you from the inside out! Sign up HERE to get started. I will contact you to get you in the group!

In the academy you will receive:

-Daily inspiration
-tips and tricks for healthy eating and workouts on the road and at home
-workout schedule
-meal plan
-a personalized PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT plan to help you cope with the challenges of this career
-personal mentoring
-meet new friends in the industry and CONNECT
-help dealing with rejection and making a NEW plan

and guess what?? IT'S FREE! Yup thats right.

But space is LIMITED. The January 4 group will fill up fast so sign up HERE to be contacted and get in the group!

In the academy you are committing to:
-Posting daily with your progress
-participating in discussions
-Uplifting your peers
-committing to your health/fitness and Personal Development plan to the best of your ability
-posting even if you have a bad day and reaching out to get help and guidance

READY TO JOIN? Click here to fill out and application!

-more energetic
-belief in yourself, your brand and what you're offering
-ready to take on the world
-more in tune with yourself
-less bitter, resentful and jealous of other singers

2016 is YOUR year. Decide it will be better. Commit to doing anything you can to better yourself and watch your life transform. Click here to apply and be contacted directly.

YES! I am ready to join the academy!

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