Friday, December 12, 2014

My Journey Through Insanity Max 30 Day 1 and 2

I tried Insanity Max 30 for the first time at our Fit4Lyfe Winter retreat last week. I have to say, I was dreading it for a few weeks. I knew that my team was offering this workout, and I did not want to be the one person not brave enough to try it. The night before the workout I did not sleep much as I had never done an extreme program before. I was happy with my 21 Day Fix and PiYo experiences. I tossed and turned and dreamed about how hard the workout would be and woke up sweating in fear.

I think I had this fear because I used to be out of shape. I was the one that was out of breath walking up the stairs, and the one that could not get off the couch to be bothered to workout. This lurked in the back of my mind as the anticipation of the workout began.

Well the time came and I was ready. I swallowed my fear and told myself that I would live to talk about it. And I did! Actually, I kind of kicked butt at it. I surprised the heck out of myself. I actually was able to get through one of the hardest extreme workouts Beachbody had to offer. ME! The lazy one! I had underestimated myself and the hard work that I had put in to get my health and my life in order. When we finished I FELT AMAZING. I had so much energy and felt like I could conquer anything. I was super sore which I hadn't been in months, and this felt great. I knew I had really worked for it and that my body was ready for a change. I ordered my own copy of the program 30 minutes after I completed that workout.

Here I am now, beginning my journey and taking myself through the whole 60 days! I want to share with you very openly my thoughts, struggles and triumphs as I take this on.

Day 1 was cardio and it was HARD. There were very little breaks in which to stop and catch your breath and Shaun T had me moving every moment. Jumps, squats, running, plyo plyo plyo. I maxed out at 7:30.
Maxing out: to fail or falter on an exercise.

I learned that as soon as I fail, stop or begin to slow or struggle, that is when I have maxed out. Shaun T wants us to go as hard as we can for as long as we can and force ourselves to fail. That is how you improve in fitness.

I liked Day 2 a bit better. We worked out for 20 seconds and then had 10 second breaks. I liked knowing that I just had to push for a short amount of time and then it would stop. I lasted 10 minutes, and stopped in the middle of plyo push-ups. ya....those are going to take a while :)
It was a big test of mental strength to get through these two days, but I am learning so much about myself and how to push through. Today after the second workout, I was bouncing off the walls with energy. I was thinking clearly, and was motivated to go throughout my day with purpose. What a feeling!
I will post my progress pics each Monday and hope that you will follow me as I go through this program during this holiday season.  Follow my journey on facebook for daily updates #jennydoesinsanitymax30